Measurement-based care (MBC) can improve patient outcomes, but data on its use in psychosis are sparse. This study examined the use of patient-reported outcome measures in veterans with psychosis to identify candidate measures for psychosis-related MBC.
Is there an association between postpartum depression or psychosis and subsequent disorders in either the mother or the child who is exposed to postpartum maternal illness?
Dementia-related psychosis (DRP) occurs in all forms of dementia and at all stages. What tactics should be used when talking with patients and their care partners about DRP? How is it best treated?
What are some of the challenges you face in overcoming adherence issues and providing patient-centered care for people living with schizophrenia? Drs Harvey and Kane offer evidence and clinical experience on these topics in this journal CME activity.
Antipsychotics can be used in the short-term to manage dementia-related psychosis, but serious adverse effects can outweigh benefits. Novel antipsychotics or other agents may offer superior efficacy and safety. Explore the evidence in this CME activity.
What diagnostic criteria and assessment tools would you use for dementia-related psychosis? What strategies may help when discussing psychosis with patients’ family members? Dr Ballard considers these topics in this brief CME activity.
What features may predict bipolar disorder vs schizophrenia in a person with first-episode psychosis? In this journal CME activity, find out which tools could most aid diagnosis.
Patients with psychosis are too often diagnosed with primary schizophrenia when the psychotic symptoms may actually be the manifestation of neurologic, endocrine, or immunologic disease. Learn about alternate diagnoses in this CME journal article.
In addition to psychosis, depressive symptoms can occur in patients with anti-NMDAR encephalopathy (ANMDARE). ANDMARE should be considered in patients presenting with psychotic or atypical depressive illnesses. Early recognition of ANMDARE could lead to better management of this potentially life-threatening autoimmune disorder.


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