Many individuals who smoke tobacco or consume alcohol at hazardous levels have chronic conditions that are caused or exacerbated by these behaviors. How might you help these patients to change?
Data are lacking on how best to manage hypertension in patients experiencing alcohol withdrawal. Read this CME article for strategies.
Care coordination across health systems is critical to optimize patient care for chronic medical and psychiatric conditions. Group concept mapping provides a strategic process to allow shared-decision making among stakeholders.
Certain antipsychotics are known to increase weight and the risk for diabetes. Could some medications for diabetes promote not only glycemic control but also weight loss in patients taking antipsychotics? In this CME activity, review the results of a small retrospective study.


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Patients with psychosis are too often diagnosed with primary schizophrenia when the psychotic symptoms may actually be the manifestation of neurologic, endocrine, or immunologic disease. Learn about alternate diagnoses in this CME journal article.
In addition to psychosis, depressive symptoms can occur in patients with anti-NMDAR encephalopathy (ANMDARE). ANDMARE should be considered in patients presenting with psychotic or atypical depressive illnesses. Early recognition of ANMDARE could lead to better management of this potentially life-threatening autoimmune disorder.
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