Long COVID symptoms are both physical and mental in nature among children and adolescents and have the potential to affect long-term functioning and increase the overall burden on health care delivery.
Drs Findling and Goldberg offer expertise on the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in patients of all ages.
Is there an association between postpartum depression or psychosis and subsequent disorders in either the mother or the child who is exposed to postpartum maternal illness?
What are the evidence-based pharmacologic treatment approaches for pediatric patients with bipolar depression?
Little is known about increased metabolic syndrome (MetS) prevalence in adolescents and youth with bipolar disorder. Read this journal CME article for more.
Despite high risk for depression, not all youth with ADHD develop a mood disorder. Which children are at highest risk? How does puberty affect the risk?
Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is associated with intimate partner assault, the use of weapons to threaten others, and arrests. This behavior can be reduced through pharmacologic and psychosocial interventions. Learn about IED in this CME journal article.
In this CME journal article, the authors describe a case of new-onset psychosis in a middle-aged woman, review red-flags for a neurodegenerative diagnosis rather than a primary psychotic disorder, and examine the role of genetics.
What are some risk factors for (and protective factors against) sexually transmitted infections among adolescents and young adults with bipolar disorder?
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