Predicting suicide is difficult, as suicidal behavior is not linked solely to any single behavior or psychiatric diagnosis. This study compared risk of suicidal behavior among a transdiagnostic sample of Veterans with varying disorders and behaviors.
In brief videos, Drs McEvoy and Nierenberg discuss symptoms of tardive dyskinesia (TD), how to observe patients (whether in person or via telemedicine), and how to educate patients and families about TD.
Drs Findling and Goldberg offer expertise on the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in patients of all ages.
Can you recognize risk factors for tardive dyskinesia? Are you familiar with diagnostic criteria? Do you regularly assess patients for the condition? Are you knowledgeable about using new medications for TD? Experts share best practices for the assessment and treatment of TD.
Experts offer a review of the fundamentals of diagnosing and treating tardive dyskinesia.
Is there an association between postpartum depression or psychosis and subsequent disorders in either the mother or the child who is exposed to postpartum maternal illness?
What do data from a pregnancy registry demonstrate about the risk of major malformations among infants exposed to second-generation antipsychotics during the first trimester?
Join Dr Goldberg as he reviews factors that impact the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and current treatments for bipolar depression in adults.
What are the evidence-based pharmacologic treatment approaches for pediatric patients with bipolar depression?
Do you tend to use combination pharmacotherapy regimens in patients with bipolar disorder? Will patients receiving 3 or more drugs have better outcomes?


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