Drs Findling and Goldberg offer expertise on the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in patients of all ages.
What is the efficacy of antidepressants and other agents for treating cognitive impairment in adults with major depressive disorder? Review available research in this CME journal activity.
Rates of treatment resistance in randomized controlled trials in patients with late-life depression are as high as 77% using SSRIs, yet SSRIs are often used as first-line treatment. This CME article helps to optimize the selection of the next step in treating late-life depression.
Identification of depression is crucial, as untreated depression is linked to functional impairment and suicide. Learn from an expert about how measurement-based care provides a way to improve the recognition of depression and comorbid conditions.
Little is known about increased metabolic syndrome (MetS) prevalence in adolescents and youth with bipolar disorder. Read this journal CME article for more.
Is prenatal benzodiazepine use or concurrent use of an antidepressant associated with increased risk of congenital malformations? Read this CME for more.
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